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"I am writing to express my sincere thanks to everyone at the hospital who looked after me during my admission for hip replacement surgery. I wish to offer special thanks to my surgeon, Mr Raghuvanshi who I feel has done an incredible job with not only my hip but has also managed to improve my posture and virtually eliminate all of the lower back pain I previously suffered. Mr Raghuvanshi was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and I wish to thank him fro what has been life-changing surgery for me."
"From my point of view, the operation has been an outstanding success. My mobility has been transformed and I have been able to again involve myself in a number of physical outdoor activities, much more actively and earlier than I had expected. Thank you very much for a successful outcome."
"My grateful thanks for all your care and kindness on my road to recovery."
"Many thanks, I am walking very well and without any pain now."

My son Ben shattered his talus (ankle) bone in a BMX riding accident. It was a particularly nasty break and he has needed a great deal of care. Mr Raghuvanshi operated on his ankle. This resulted in Ben having titanium rods through his legs holding the bones together for six weeks and since having them removed, a Velcro boot with crutches. All this treatment has been going on for the last 4 months and he is not out of the woods yet as he still needs a lot of physiotherapy to get his ankle back to normal. During this time Ben has received fantastic care and everything has been done to help him recover. Mr Raghuvanshi has worked hard to put my son back together and the aftercare we received from him and the nurses has been fantastic. I highly recommend this man and the hospital staff. Thank you all.

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